Once again, it’s time for my monthly personal tarot reading. Since I am getting married at the beginning of November, I am sure to have an interesting October. Let’s see what the Tarot told me.

I used my Wildwood deck, but I’ll illustrate with Thoth. This time, I did the usual spread of Card 1 for how the entire month will go, and Cards 2-5 for how each week will go, but I also added a Card 6, for the lesson I need to learn this month.




Month: 13 The Journey (Death)
Wildwood calls Death a Journey, and I’d have to agree. This month is sure to be a journey; a time of stepping away from one life in preparation for beginning anew. I find it very fitting that the month before my wedding will be a time of preparation. I am also very thankful to have this opportunity.

Week 1: Nine of Bows - Respect (9/W)
Wildwood says Respect, and Thoth says Strength. When I look at Wildwood’s card, I understand that this week will be a time for me to not only gather my strength, but to come to understand it, and learn to respect the life I have. It is a time for me to come to terms with the life I’ve been given and the life I’ve chosen. I absolutely love this.

Week 2: Seven of Arrows - Insecurity (7/S)
And yet, even after I’ve learned to respect that life, I will need another week to allow myself to let go of insecurities. To shed unnecessary doubts and finally push off the insecurities that sometimes assault me. This life is mine, this life CAN be mine, and it WILL be good. I swear, the tarot is so damn spot-on that it makes me cry sometimes.

Week 3: Seven of Vessels - Mourning (7/C)
Geez, this is looking like a difficult month, eh? But it’s so freaking fitting. Week three will give me time to let go of the past with finality. I can address past grievances that might try to cloud my mind, and I can toss them aside, so that in the end I can look ahead with a clear vision.

Week 4: 6 The Forest Lovers (The Lovers)
And yes. Really? The final week in my October-long Journey will be a time to come fully together with my Darling and let our love grow to another level. Remember how I said the Tarot sometimes make me cry? …

Lesson: King of Vessels - Heron (K/C)
Wildwood tells me: “A deep belief in fairness, honesty and honour colours everything you do. The profound depths of your character, once stirred into action, carry all before it. However, your admiration of self-control can sometimes make you appear too rigid.” I won’t elaborate, but this made me cry, too. :)

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