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Today I was reminded, with a renewed vigor and desire, of a possible future I had once pursued. The situation is that I have made connections for a potential business venture with a colleague. We’ve got a lot of ideas and a lot of possible plans, but for some reason we can’t ever get anything concrete going. At this point I am frustrated by her distance, thus I’m doubting my abilities and potential for this to work, even though it’s something I really want. There are parts of the situation that are confusing and frustrating for me, and I wanted to get some clarification. This is really the first time I’ve read for myself using the Celtic Cross spread. Here goes! (Illustrated with Fenestra.)

1. The Situation - Knight of Swords
I’m ambitious, ready to go, pushing forward. “What are we waiting for?!”

2. The Challenge - Eight of Cups
I’m holding onto my current life too tightly. I’m seeking my own independence, yet gripping tightly onto Darling, and yet not wanting to pull him away from things he may want. Sigh, pretty much.

3. The Past Current - Knight of Pentacles
Plenty of success in my career and intellectual endeavors. Feeling good about my achievements, capabilities, and potential to succeed.

4. The Future Current - Knight of Cups
A maturation of relationships, but still not completely comfortable. Heading toward ideals and dreams. (Well, this sounds promising.)

5. Resources - Page of Cups
I’ve got plenty of inspiration! My heart aches every time I think of plans for this future. I am all in, loyal and willing.

6. Aim - Four of Pentacles
The beginnings of success. Something concrete, that I can devote my life and my energy to. (Yes, the goal is to etch a place for myself in the world, and build myself a solid foundation, a home where I can live and work and love and grow old.)

7. How I See Myself - Two of Swords
Having trouble making up my mind. Feeling caught between two possible roads and not knowing which one to take. Feeling indecisive (hah, so typical of me).

8. How Others See Me - Eight of Pentacles 
Settling into my own, as far as my career. Hard working, and beginning to reap success from all that I’ve put into my work.

9. Concerns (Hopes/Fears) - Six of Cups 
Dwelling in the past? Am I afraid that I’ll regret it if I choose this path? Or am I afraid that I’m CURRENTLY dwelling in the past, and that this path isn’t even open to me anymore? Hmm…

10. Outcome - Five of Swords 
Well. So the likely outcome is that I’ll face challenges and frustration? Defeat? After all the encouraging cards in this spread, I just can’t understand this outcome. Really disappointing. I feel even more lost than before. Really?

As is becoming my routine, I did a tarot reading for the month of September. I used my Wildwood Tarot deck, since it is quickly becoming my favorite, but I don’t have a good way to scan the cards in or anything, so I’ll represent them with images from the Thoth deck.

First, I did a one-card reading for this current week. It’s a transition week; the end of August and the beginning of September. I drew the Six of Swords. Wildwood Tarot calls this Six of Arrows - Transition, and that seems rather appropriate to me. This week is all about leaving behind August and moving forward toward the next month.

So the September reading will be one card to give an overall view of the entire month (including the days in this transition week), and one card for each week after this week.




Month: Nine of Arrows - Dedication (Nine of Swords)
Right off the bat, I can see that this is going to be a difficult month. Tarot training has taught me that 9/S means Worry; Wildwood says Dedication; Thoth says Cruelty. Yes, it’s going to be a hard month. This is really *not* what I was hoping for my September. This month is full of challenges and events (like my birthday) that I want to go well. Wildwood’s Nine of Arrows looks like an archer trying to find calm and retain her bow and arrows amidst a whirlwind.

Week 1: Six of Bows - Abundance (Six of Wands)
This week looks positive. Abundance, victory, things are in order. I’ll need to soak up as much positive energy as I can this week, and keep it with me throughout the month.

Week 2: Five of Arrows - Frustration (Five of Swords)
This card is frustration and defeat, no matter how I look at it. Do you know how much I don’t want to hear this? However, it comes after a week of abundance, so it seems rather fitting, considering it is September, and I am a Libra, and my life is about balance.

Week 3: Ten of Bows - Responsibility (Ten of Wands)
Wildwood says Responsibility; Thoth says Oppression; I say: as usual. Not that I usually feel oppressed, but that it’s pretty normal for me to be harboring a heavy feeling of responsibility. This is an important week, filled with events I am really wanting/needing to go well. I’ll take the responsibility and forget the oppression!

Week 4: 14 Balance (Temperance)
Wildwood says Balance; Thoth says Art. Either way, I say: bring it on! After what looks like two pretty stressful weeks, I’ll be looking forward to some balance. Again, so fitting for me, for September.

In addition, I find it interesting that this month is all Swords and Wands! No Cups, no Pentacles for me? Only one of the Major Arcana, but at least it’s a good one! I guess this month is all about being prodded and swept along with the flow, and I’ve just got to keep up.