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Every Monday evening my husband goes off to compete in Magic tournaments, and I stay home and practice my tarot. This evening, before he left, he handed me a surprise: my very own copy of the Joie de Vivre tarot deck! I have been wanting it so badly, and he bought it to surprise me! So sweet. :)

So, of course, I decided to get familiar with the deck. The cards are all *so* lovely! I decided to do the Spreading the Joy spread in the back of the little booklet it came with. And since I normally listen to music while I commune with the cards, I thought the Flower soundtrack would be perfect. (I was right. I highly recommend using this deck, or at least doing this spread, while listening to this music!)




0. What is joy to me? - XXI The World
Fulfillment, achievement, unity. Joy to me is a feeling of union between myself and my life, and those within it. I find joy in being creative, in accomplishing new things, in being productive and sharing with the world.

1. Where do I find joy the easiest? - Six of Wands
Motivation, victory, success. Joy can be found in these things for sure, so I should remember the small victories, too! There is a lot of joy in motivation, and I kind of relish the feeling when it comes upon me.

2. Where must I work to find joy? - Nine of Cups
Health, triumph, abundance. In the things I already have. It’s easy to become complacent and to take things for granted. But when I actually sit back and look at my life, I can find joy in it all over again. Remember the little things!

3. What do I allow to block my joy? - Nine of Wands
Determination, patience, protection. Sometimes I’m so stuck in my goals, or so impatient, or so defensive, that I overlook the things that can bring me joy in the mean time. I’m sensing a pattern here!

4. Who should I watch to learn more about finding joy? - Eight of Coins
Skill, dedication, innovation. I should put my energy toward building and utilizing my skills, and watch those who are successful in the areas in which I’m aiming. 

5. What joy is the universe gifting to me at this time? - Seven of Coins
Reward, recognition, perseverance. Enjoy the process and look forward to watching my life, and my work, grow and evolve as I move forward. Reaping rewards from the hard work I’ve continued over the years.


So, pretty much, I think this entire spread is telling me that I should stop being so hard on myself and realize that I’m doing well, and have done well, and can do well, and that I should find some joy in that! 


*Note: Card 5 is actually placed across Card 0. I just put them next to each other here because it was easier.