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I’ve been feeling really out of it lately, and it’s really driving me crazy. I have a great life, yet for some reason I just feel grumpy and irritable so much of the time. I don’t know what has happened to me, but it’s starting to really bother and concern me. Darling assures me that it’s temporary and that it’s mostly just because of the physical pains/issues I’ve been having the past few months. But I wanted to consult the cards for some guidance.

I found this spread, which I thought would be useful. I used Mystic Faerie, but I’ll illustrate with Joie de Vivre




1. What is the problem? - Eight of Cups
I’m surrounded by things I need to attend to. Feeling as if I want to walk away from all of the cups. Not giving up on them; just… needing a break from them?

2. How do I feel about it? - Strength
Trying to use my strength to soldier through it. Keywords point to patience, healing, and compassion. Oh, yes please.

3. What is the root of the problem? - Four of Swords
I just don’t feel like doing anything! I need to rest and recuperate. Well, this card is welcome news indeed, and great confirmation.

4. What can help to solve it? - Five of Cups
I need to move beyond my past hurts. Work through my issues, and not let myself linger on them, but move past them once I’ve worked them out.

5. What can make it worse? - Ace of Cups
Getting too emotional. Simple as that.

6. What comes after. - The Priest (The Heirophant)
Spiritual growth. That seems to be the theme of every personal tarot spread I do.

7. What can I learn about this? - Three of Cups
I need to be grateful for what I have. Funny, I keep telling myself that, as a reminder and as a gentle urge to not feel so bad these days.


A lot of Cups in this reading, which is unusual for me. But I think that’s also part of the issue: I’ve been more emotional lately, and I’ve been letting my emotions get to me too much.

Well, my July reading was rather spot-on, so I’ve been tempted to do another for August. Spread will follow the same pattern: 1 card for the whole month, then 1 card for each week in the month. I chose the Fantastical Creatures deck for this one.




Month: The Fool
New beginnings, pure and simple. I am so down for this.

Week 1: Eight of Pentacles
A focus on my skills and talents, and that they will be useful this week. Awesome news, because I’m started a new, quick-turn-around project at work this week!

Week 2: Three of Cups
Celebration with those close to me. Could this be the week I make an official announcement?!

Week 3: The Empress
Tapping into my feminine power and creativity, and hard work paying off. Excellent.

Week 4: Death
A life cycle is ending, and another is beginning. This is just what I was hoping for. ;)