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Well, what’s in store for me in February 2012? Following last month's theme, I'll use the same method to calculate my month card. Looks like this month's card is 13 - Death! Oh my. [Illustrated by Goddess Tarot.]

So, year and month for February 2012: XI Justice and XIII Death.
I’m in for a well-deserved transformation this month. Bring it!

XI Justice     XIII Death

And my reading for February; one card for each week.

XI Justice  Page of Swords / Princess of Swords  Knight of Cups / Prince of Cups  Page of Wands / Princess of Staves  IX The Hermit

Week 1: XI Justice
In combination with 7 Cups from my final January week, Justice is interesting. Looks like I’ll need to make choices carefully.

Week 2: Page of Swords
This week I’ll need to remember not to be too reckless, but take stock of my surroundings before plunging forward.

Week 3: Knight of Cups
Ooh, will I finally be getting a better handle on my emotions? This week will be a good time to sort my feelings.

Week 4: Page of Wands
Passion, courage, and creativity will be at the forefront this week.

Week 5: IX The Hermit
And after all the growth and healing, some self reflection. Maybe this time it’ll stick. ;)

Inspired again by the princess and the sea, I’ve decided to do a few quick personal readings. Since this past year has been so weird and different for me, I’m feeling as if I don’t know myself as well as I should right now. I hope that the Cards can help enlighten me.


1. How am I different? - Two of Pentacles
2. How do I conform? - Death


Er, really? Okay, so I’m different in that I need to balance everything all the time. I think about things too much, weighing every possible option. Yeah, well. So I conform with Death? What kind of sense does that make? I feel the need to change myself based on what’s happening around me? Well, that’s kind of lame. Hrm. [Illustrated with Winged Spirit tarot.]


Moving on, I’ll do the Know Thyself spread (it is advised to only do this spread once every 8 weeks).

1. Who am I? - The Star
2. What do I need? - Seven of Wands
3. How will I get it? - Strength


Haha! I was expecting Strength to show up as card 1, since it’s *my* card. First time I’ve been called the Star, though! It’s a reassuring feeling, though, because I do try to focus on trust, tranquility, and renewal. So apparently what I need is some competition. Hilariously, I drew this with Joie de Vivre, and instantly recognized that what I need is some prodding! Naturally, I get most things I need with that damn Strength card. I’ve got to use my gentle compassion and wait patiently to be prodded into action, eh? Well, if you insist! ;) [Illustrated with Durer tarot.]


One last quickie, thanks to the Aeclectic Tarot forums.

1. Who have I been? - The Heirophant
2. Who am I? - Ten of Cups
3. Who am I becoming? - Justice


Well, in the past I certainly have been a Heirophant in a number of ways. I was a devoted Christian as a child/teen. As I grew older, my devotion turned more toward a high regard for following rules (not necessarily religious ones). You have no idea how much I was giggling at the Ten of Cups! Right now, my life is so Ten of Cups it’s unbelievable! I think the tarot just needs to keep reminding me of that so I’ll stop being so sullen. And when I flipped that Justice card over… my year card for 2012 is Justice. I couldn’t be happier. Balance is what I seek, forever and ever. [Illustrated with Llewelyn tarot.]

In the most recent Tarot Town newsletter, they did a fun little piece at the end. The polled hundreds of tarot readers, asking which 2 cards they’d want to see before deciding to buy a deck. The results: High Priestess and Death. So with this knowledge, they introduced a technique called “sleeping beauty”.

"Think about your year past, and your hopes for next year. Shuffle your deck. Turn it face up. Carefully go through the cards and find the High Priestess card. The two cards either side of this card show you where you are presently sleeping. These are the aspects of your life that are repressed or hidden. Then find the Death card. the two cards either side of this card show you how you can wake up."

So, of course I grabbed the closest deck (Joie de Vivre) and did just that!


Page of Wands - Adventure, confidence, creativity, initiative, education.
XV The Devil - Illusion, temptation, ambition, willpower, enlightenment.

Could these cards be any more accurate? I feel like I have been sleeping in so many of these areas, and it’s been frustrating me all year. Usually I’m in full glory this time of year - baking, wrapping gifts, relishing in the joys of the holiday season. This year? Nothing.

Please, please show me how I can wake up!


X The Wheel - Change, revolution, movement, cycles, fortune.
Everything is in motion and in a state of constant change, and your actions have a direct correlation to what happens in the future. Seek and recognize the cycles and patterns of life, for every turning point effects a personal transformation in circumstance and perspective. In the midst of unstoppable change, opportunities will present themselves for a limited time — take action in that moment so as not to lose out on lucky chances that spin your way. You are the creator of your own luck, and follower of your own destiny.

Ten of Coins - Achievement, fulfillment, abundance, celebration, health.
Through the balance of material and spiritual abundance, tasks shall become fluent and rewarding. Have faith in yourself and in the achievements in your lifepath. By connecting to your heart’s aspirations, the results will be healing and enriching. The divine power within is always in search of obtaining the highest attunement of joy and inner-peace. Take time to acknowledge the beauty and blessings around and within you.

The pattern could not be any more clear. I need to regain my positive outlook (how did I lose it to begin with?) and my take-charge attitude, else I’ll never get out of this damned, sucky murk.


I can’t help recognizing that this is a living metaphor for my entire 2011. So much of me has been sleeping, both physically and figuratively. Early in the year I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. I’ve spent a lot of my time this year sleeping. Even as I am recovering and not sleeping all day long anymore, my treatment is still very much grounded in sleep. Did all of my passions fall asleep along with me? I’ve been watching myself falling further and further from so many of my passions this year, and it makes me sad. I ask my husband “What happened? Why am I not baking every other night like I used to? Why don’t I care about the holidays this year?” He tells me I’m too stressed out and all my energy is sapped. Sleeping.

I also find it amusing that grasping The Wheel is how I’m supposed to awaken. 2011 was my Year of The Wheel! How much more Wheel can I take? Obviously I need more, eh? Ten of Coins needs to be thrown in my face, though. My life is frickin amazing right now (great job, amazing husband, etc.), aside from the lack of passion. As soon as my passion returns, I think I might just explode in ecstasy, because I am so, so blessed to begin with.

Here’s my November, read with Wildwood, illustrated with the Winged Spirit Tarot.


Month: 19 The Sun of Life (The Sun)
Looks like a month of bright new beginnings! Full of life and personal fulfillment. Happiness and joy. What a great card to pull for November. These are the kind of thoughts I was having as I shuffled the cards, thinking of what is coming up this November (my wedding, Thanksgiving celebrations with both families). I love it!

Week 1: Queen of Arrows - Swan (Q/S)
The first week I need to remember to be stoic, independent, and firmly grounded in reality. Yes, it’s a nice reminder that even though my wedding is at the end of the week, I don’t need to let other people push ideas on me and cause me unnecessary anxiety. Funny, I was thinking about this earlier today.

Week 2: 12 The Mirror (The Hanged Man)
Week two will begin a new life for me, basically. This first week as a married woman will be a good time to sit back and assess my new life, allowing myself to transition into my new role as a wife. Sounds like a blessing.

Week 3: Four of Bows - Celebration (4/W)
I love this so much! Week three will be celebrating and settling into my security and happiness. Darling and I will be able to relax and enjoy our new life together, comfortable, stable, and most of all, happy. :) I bet I’ll be doing a lot of baking this week!

Week 4: 13 The Journey (Death)
A week of new beginnings, transitions, and phasing into a new way of life. Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that this year! This week I will be off of work, and we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with both of our families. New beginnings indeed.

Once again, it’s time for my monthly personal tarot reading. Since I am getting married at the beginning of November, I am sure to have an interesting October. Let’s see what the Tarot told me.

I used my Wildwood deck, but I’ll illustrate with Thoth. This time, I did the usual spread of Card 1 for how the entire month will go, and Cards 2-5 for how each week will go, but I also added a Card 6, for the lesson I need to learn this month.




Month: 13 The Journey (Death)
Wildwood calls Death a Journey, and I’d have to agree. This month is sure to be a journey; a time of stepping away from one life in preparation for beginning anew. I find it very fitting that the month before my wedding will be a time of preparation. I am also very thankful to have this opportunity.

Week 1: Nine of Bows - Respect (9/W)
Wildwood says Respect, and Thoth says Strength. When I look at Wildwood’s card, I understand that this week will be a time for me to not only gather my strength, but to come to understand it, and learn to respect the life I have. It is a time for me to come to terms with the life I’ve been given and the life I’ve chosen. I absolutely love this.

Week 2: Seven of Arrows - Insecurity (7/S)
And yet, even after I’ve learned to respect that life, I will need another week to allow myself to let go of insecurities. To shed unnecessary doubts and finally push off the insecurities that sometimes assault me. This life is mine, this life CAN be mine, and it WILL be good. I swear, the tarot is so damn spot-on that it makes me cry sometimes.

Week 3: Seven of Vessels - Mourning (7/C)
Geez, this is looking like a difficult month, eh? But it’s so freaking fitting. Week three will give me time to let go of the past with finality. I can address past grievances that might try to cloud my mind, and I can toss them aside, so that in the end I can look ahead with a clear vision.

Week 4: 6 The Forest Lovers (The Lovers)
And yes. Really? The final week in my October-long Journey will be a time to come fully together with my Darling and let our love grow to another level. Remember how I said the Tarot sometimes make me cry? …

Lesson: King of Vessels - Heron (K/C)
Wildwood tells me: “A deep belief in fairness, honesty and honour colours everything you do. The profound depths of your character, once stirred into action, carry all before it. However, your admiration of self-control can sometimes make you appear too rigid.” I won’t elaborate, but this made me cry, too. :)

Well, my July reading was rather spot-on, so I’ve been tempted to do another for August. Spread will follow the same pattern: 1 card for the whole month, then 1 card for each week in the month. I chose the Fantastical Creatures deck for this one.




Month: The Fool
New beginnings, pure and simple. I am so down for this.

Week 1: Eight of Pentacles
A focus on my skills and talents, and that they will be useful this week. Awesome news, because I’m started a new, quick-turn-around project at work this week!

Week 2: Three of Cups
Celebration with those close to me. Could this be the week I make an official announcement?!

Week 3: The Empress
Tapping into my feminine power and creativity, and hard work paying off. Excellent.

Week 4: Death
A life cycle is ending, and another is beginning. This is just what I was hoping for. ;)

As I’m dealing with some overwhelming health problems lately, it occurred to me that perhaps a body/mind/spirit spread is just what I need to help me bring myself back into some sort of center. I settled on a Celestial deck for this one.


Body - Death
So my body is going through some sort of transition. A death, and thus, a new beginning. I’m going to take this as a good omen, because I really need a change for my body. I’m kind of getting to my wit’s end as the narcolepsy symptoms are getting worse, so perhaps this is a signal that the end of my struggles with this is nigh.

Mind - Five of Wands
Struggling with stressful situations? Could this card be any more right on? Due to the health issues, I’ve been extremely stressed out (which only fuels the stupid sleep issues), not only at work but at home and just in general. If the cards want me to be patient and endure a bit longer, well, I’ll do what I must.

Spirit - Temperance
Oh, Temperance, you are what I am constantly seeking. What my spirit longs for! I did not need a tarot spread to tell me this. I hope, however, this is means I will actually find some temperance soon, with the resolution of mister Death up there.