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As I’m dealing with some overwhelming health problems lately, it occurred to me that perhaps a body/mind/spirit spread is just what I need to help me bring myself back into some sort of center. I settled on a Celestial deck for this one.


Body - Death
So my body is going through some sort of transition. A death, and thus, a new beginning. I’m going to take this as a good omen, because I really need a change for my body. I’m kind of getting to my wit’s end as the narcolepsy symptoms are getting worse, so perhaps this is a signal that the end of my struggles with this is nigh.

Mind - Five of Wands
Struggling with stressful situations? Could this card be any more right on? Due to the health issues, I’ve been extremely stressed out (which only fuels the stupid sleep issues), not only at work but at home and just in general. If the cards want me to be patient and endure a bit longer, well, I’ll do what I must.

Spirit - Temperance
Oh, Temperance, you are what I am constantly seeking. What my spirit longs for! I did not need a tarot spread to tell me this. I hope, however, this is means I will actually find some temperance soon, with the resolution of mister Death up there.

A few days ago, my dear friend Jeremy wrote this beautiful piece on how communing with the goddesses can be a very fulfilling daily ritual. Every day, I read the most soulful tweets (imagine that), I get to glimpse into the life of a beautiful pagan woman, and draw inspiration from various tumblrs (oceanmythos, hagofnaedre, littlecitywitch, loupgarou, and more) and artists like fragilemuse.

I am so drawn to people who know how to commune. With life. With the earth. With the energy that surrounds us. I am so fascinated by their endeavors, and so very jealous of the ease with which they seem to connect with Life.

My hands long to be close to the earth. My lungs ache to commune with the air. My blood tingles with desire, to rush and flow as with the sea. If you know me at all, you know how much I enjoy these elements and how much I long to be a part of them.

Yet somehow, for some reason, I feel as if there is a barrier preventing me from proper communion. All I can do is look, and watch, and weep with longing, never quite able to actually touch that which I feel so connected to. So, what gives? Am I destined to admire others’ rituals and resolutions, never able to have my own? Is there some why to break myself free from this barrier?

Image by foureyes.